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I finished the redraws for my dad’s comic and I’m proud of the pages and want to show everyone but I’m fairly sure I can’t buuuu.

all i want to do is sleep but i can’t so everything sucks

Ordered wig & ears for my costume :D I’m slowly gathering materials~~~



Hey all, I made this tutorial to for people working on valor-anthology and decided to adapt it to tumblr because there might be people here interested in doing this for their own wallpapers.

You can access all of my templates that are mentioned above here, and, like I mentioned at the end of the tutorial, here’s how you can get more free space on dropbox if you want to do that route for distribution.

This is the method I use for the wallpapers I distribute on my patreon, which is for my webcomic, which you can read here.

Pew pew two funerals in one day. Friends are sending me nice messages and doing nice things and all I can do is cry thank you you are beautiful people.

Crying at the mailbox because curlycomrade is the most beautiful person in the whole world

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The worst part was when Mum called to tell me she said she had bad news and asked if I’d heard about the plane that was shot down, and I didn’t know it had happened yesterday, and I knew my dad and bro were flying back from europe today, so i had this one moment of disbelief and terror and i’m still full of adrenaline it was just the most horrible feeling jesus what a fucking terrible week

This is some kind of week from hell.

Mum just called to tell me that our family friends were on the passenger plane that was shot down over the Ukraine yesterday.

Their kids were meant to be on the plane with them but there was some kind of mix-up so both of them were on the plane behind instead. Idk if you call that lucky or what but the whole thing is just absolutely tragic.

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